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Quercetin also stimulated the protein expression of ATF, GRP78, and GADD153 which is a hall marker of ER stress.
Endo G and GADD153 (1:100 dilution) (green fluorescence) overnight then washed twice with PBS and then were stained with secondary antibody (FITC-conjugated goat anti-mouse IgG at 1:100 dilution) followed by DNA staining with PI (red fluorescence).
3B), GADD153, GRP78, PERK, IRE-[alpha], ATF6-[alpha] and ATF6-[alpha] (Fig.
Results indicated that Gyp stimulated expression of GADD153 and GRP78 (Fig.
Among these genes were the GADD family members GADD153 and GADD45 (Stokes et al.
Induction of GADD45 and GADD153 in neuroblastoma cells by dopamine-induced toxicity.
Proteasome inhibitor induced gene expression profiles reveal overexpression of transcriptional regulators ATF3, GADD153 and MAD1.