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carbon tetrachloride (CCl4)

Etymology: L, carbo + Gk, tetra, four, chloros, greenish
a colorless, volatile toxic liquid used as a solvent. CCl4 is particularly toxic to the kidneys and liver; permanent damage to these organs may result from exposure.


A chemokine encoded by CCL4 (formerly LAG1, SCYA4), located on chromosome 17q21-q23, which precipitates local inflammatory response characterised by infiltration of neutrophils. It is expressed after cell activation by mitogens (phytohemagglutinin, bacterial endotoxins or Staphylococcus aureus) and IL2, and inhibited by glucocorticoids, TGF-beta and cyclosporin A.

Normal expression
T-cells, B-cells, monocytes.

Abnormal expression
Various tumour cell lines.


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Measured horizontally, trigger "reach," from backstrap to the sweet spot of the trigger surface, is about a 1/2 inch less than that of the G26 and other larger models.
Director, G26 HIV/AIDS Service, Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa
Total quantity or scope: Acquisition of reagents compatible Interlabor G26 or equivalent analyzers, STAT FAX, STA Compact and FIA8000 batches, CONF.
I went home and set up the Glock Indoor course of fire, 50 rounds run in 5- and 10-round strings under fixed time, and shot it back-to-back with both the G26 and the G34.
In September 2012 I used the G26 at the Salt Lake City, Ut.
Glock's G21 has the G30, and the G17 has the G19 and G26.
One prefers 9mm and alternates between a cocked and locked Springfield EMP and a stock "baby Glock" G26, each loaded with +P+ hollowpoints.
If the customer has a subcompact "baby Glock," like the G26 9mm or the G27 .
WIN and Taral Networks will be demonstrating the MMS Console at the WIN stand, G26 Hall 2, at the 3GSM World Congress, to be held in to be held in Cannes, France February 17-21, 2003.
40 S&W lightweight, sub-compact semi-automatics, the best sellers are the mini-Glocks, These include the Il-shot G26 in 9mm, and the 10-shot G27 in .
Several demonstrations of the SignalSoft/Portal Software solution, will be highlighted at this week's 3GSM World Congress in Cannes, France, February 20-23 (Booths C29, Hall 2 and in Booth G26, Hall 2).
However, more are likely to favor the milder recoil of the 9mm version, designated the G19 in compact format and G26 in sub-compact.