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G-I announced today that it has filed a voluntary petition in the U.
Since the 1970's, G-I has paid out, as a result of the Ruberoid acquisition, whose asbestos insulation business had profits over a 30-year period of $1 million and sales of $35 million, in connection with over 500,000 personal injury claims filed against the Company, more than $1.
Weinberg, Chief Executive Officer and General Counsel of G-I, said, "Today's action was taken only after every effort was made by the Company to responsibly resolve its asbestos liabilities.
NEW YORK -- ACE Insurance Litigation Watch, the online repository for lawsuits and complaints against the ACE Group (NYSE: ACE) insurance companies, today highlighted that the ACE companies, Century Indemnity Insurance Company and Illinois Union Insurance Company, are being sued by G-I Holdings Inc.
In its lawsuit against Century Indemnity, G-I Holdings, also known as the GAF Materials Corporation, claims that Century Indemnity has improperly refused to pay for G-I's defense of a $500 million lawsuit brought by the New York City Housing Authority.
Beginning in the mid 1980s, G-I Holdings and its predecessors have defended numerous lawsuits related to asbestos.