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A G protein-linked receptor present on certain human cells that is thought to be required for HIV fusion with a target cell.
[fuse, fr. L. fundo, pp. fusum, to melt, + -in]


A gene on chromosome 2q21 that encodes a seven-transmembrane G protein-coupled receptor belonging to the CXC chemokine receptor family, which binds specifically to stromal cell-derived factor-1, transducing a signal by increasing intracellular calcium ions and enhancing MAPK1/MAPK3 activation. It acts as a receptor for extracellular ubiquitin, is involved in haematopoiesis and in cardiac ventricular septum formation, plays a role in gastrointestinal tract vascularisation by regulating vascular branching and/or remodelling in endothelial cells, may be involved in cerebellar development and, in the CNS, may mediate hippocampal-neuron survival.

Molecular pathology
CXCR4 acts with the CD4 to support HIV entry into cells; it is highly expressed in breast cancer cells. CXCR4 mutations cause WHIM (warts, hypogammaglobulinaemia, infections, and myelokathexis) syndrome.


A G protein-linked receptor present on certain human cells that is thought to be required for HIV fusion with a target cell.
[fuse, fr. L. fundo, pp. fusum, to melt, + -in]
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Tiradito reinterprets kinilaw using raw tuna loin covered with a gel made of coconut milk, calamansi and tabon-tabon, a souring ingredient, which was introduced at Madrid Fusin last year by Segismundo and Fores.
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In similar studies, investigators have now shown that SDF-1 can block the HIV strains that depend on fusin.
Like fusin, CC-CKR-5 is a receptor, a protein that normally binds to extracellular molecules and transmits signals into the cell.
Berger's group reported the discovery of fusin last month.
Our research shows that a second molecule, fusin, is required for certain strains of HIV to fuse with and enter into cells.
Through a process of elimination that involved repeatedly dividing cell cultures to find the most blue cells, the researchers narrowed their search to one protein, fusin.
Teo and ICEX Espaa Exportacin e Inversiones President Jaime Garca-Legaz recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to stage the third edition of Madrid Fusin Manila.
Other researchers hail the long-awaited identification of this protein, which Berger's group calls fusin, as a major advance in scientists' knowledge of HIV's life cycle.
Nokias next-generation optical solution has been selected by Telefnica Spain for its new metro transport network to handle the massive traffic growth fueled by its successful Fusin quadruple-play services.
Support services for the project HAMIFU hardware migration fusin - Use of a transitional system to replace fusin server based on Ubuntu and VirtualBox EVB-IT by entering into a service agreement for 24 months (2 years).