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PC Cartwright had a theory that Funnybone was an eccentric junkshop owner on Berry Street, and one night the clown attacked two women and was chased there, where he went to ground awfully fast.
HALFWAY through the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and with two weeks still to go, we asked three stand-ups tickling your funnybone how their Fringe has gone.
Michael Palin made his name tickling the nation's funnybone as a member of the Monty Python team.
The Comedy CafE[umlaut] is being billed as a stand-up "gym" for professional and amateur comedians - in other words, just about anyone who fancies giving his or her funnybone a workout, together with (hopefully) the audience's stomach muscles.
They are utter professionals who tickle the British funnybone with an irresistible brand of clean fun and silliness.
I settled in my armchair with a bag of popcorn to view six of the most advertised and prepared to have my funnybone exercised.
Although he is an American he has a zany, infectious sense of humour that really tickles the English funnybone.
However, in order to keep the game from being realistic, to the point of being offensive, we made up an entire list of afflictions, paying careful attention to probing the funnybone.
Budding young comedians can try flexing their own funnybone this weekend with free workshops.
Well, that's open to question, but if the sight of latterday Old Mother Riley, Brendan O'Carroll, in drag tickles your funnybone, then you won't want to miss this final helping in which Agnes tries to make friends with Dermot's mother-in-law Hillary ahead of the baby's birth.
The big guy doesn't think prison made him find his funnybone.
He has already been busy delving into Coventry's history to find comic material for his Sunday date and is hoping to find Coventry's funnybone by researching what makes city people laugh out loud.