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Drug slang A regional term for crack cocaine
Public safety A violently rotating storm—nature’s most violent weather phenomenon—produced in a very severe thunderstorm, appearing as a funnel cloud extending from the base of a cumulonimbus to the ground
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Mr Kings said there had been a number of tornadoes in recent weeks across the city, but none with funnel cloud formations, so-called twisters.
Mr Stevens added that if swirling gusts touch the earth, they are tornados, if they do not then they are funnel clouds.
A band of very heavy rain moved north through the West Midlands and with the combination of dense clouds, high winds and lots of rain conditions are ripe for funnel clouds and mini-tornados.
Meteorologists said a cold front moving east collided with warm, unstable air to produce severe thunderstorms and funnel clouds across Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Tennessee.
We actually had three or four funnel clouds and possibly one tornado on Monday across the country,' he said.
After that, no more tornadoes were reported, but this supercell continued to produce large hail, straight-line wind damage, a massive wall cloud, and funnel clouds until it moved over Lake Michigan between the cities of Racine and Kenosha.
So far this week, two funnel clouds have been spotted in the southern Willamette Valley northeast of Eugene - one Monday and another Wednesday - but neither became a full-fledged tornado, and officials of the National Weather Service say it's not an uncommon weather phenomenon this time of year.
Only about one in five detected funnel clouds actually touches down to become a bona fide tornado.
When winds force thunder clouds to rotate, funnel clouds form long thin fingers of energy which reach down towards the Earth's surface.
Arkadelphia, Sardis and College Station, towns all in the way of the funnel clouds, received helping hands throughout the state for weeks afterward as the rebuilding picked up.
With the threat of more storms today, residents should be on the watch for tornado warning signs such as dark, greenish clouds, large hail, a roaring noise, a cloud of debris or funnel clouds.
The weather service received reports of funnel clouds from trained weather spotters in Lancaster and Clinton.