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In this study the keratinization of the filiform and fungiform papillae apparently started about 90 day of foetal life.
The development of the mucous membrane of the tongue with emphasis on the development of fungiform papillae in the prenatal life of the rabbit.
Upon close examination with a contact endoscope, the smoker's tongues had flatter fungiform papillae, with a reduced blood supply.
The morphology and distribution of fungiform papillae observed in Z.
The array of gustatory fungiform papillae in clusters on the apex of the tongue was also observed in C.
The number and distribution of fungiform papillae and taste buds in the tongue of young and adult Akkaraman sheep.
The fungiform papillae in mammals may identified nerve fibers which act in the transmission of stimulus of tact, temperatura, nociceptive and taste buds.
In the fungiform papillae were noted numerous thin sensory nerve terminals which subdivided several times.