fundamental frequency

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fun·da·men·tal fre·quen·cy

the principal component of a sound, which has the greatest wavelength, hence the lowest tone in a sound; sounds are composed of a fundamental tone and overtones or higher tones. See: harmony, noise.

fun·da·men·tal fre·quen·cy

(F0) (fŭn'dă-men'tăl frē'kwĕn-sē)
1. acoustics The basic frequency of a vibrating object or sound as opposed to its harmonics, or the principal component of a complex sound wave.
2. The frequency of vocal fold vibration at the glottis, unaffected by resonance.
See also: optimal pitch
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The primary focus of this article is to compare the fundamental frequencies between specimens with the subflooring attached to joists using 8d common nails, TetraGrip subfloor fasteners, and 8d common nails with an adhesive.
The finite element model used for modal analysis of asymmetric bevel gear for pressure angle 20 and 30 has been shown in Fig 15 and the first five fundamental frequencies and mode shapes has been shown in Fig 16 respectively.
The UTEP scientists discovered that the harmonics resonated more strongly than the fundamental frequencies, which might contribute to the pan's unusual sound.
The IDT M675S02 series is a single-frequency, single-output VCSO for low-jitter and low-phase noise clock generation, supporting fundamental frequencies from 500 MHz to 1 GHz.
She measured the fundamental frequencies of nine men and women, most of them college students in San Diego, and then tested their perception of the tritone paradox.
The predicted fundamental frequencies of joists in the 88 Johnson [5] floors were calculated using Equation [2].
Each high 'Q' SAW resonator operates at one of the two fundamental frequencies specified at time of order, thus enabling superior jitter performance of less than 0.
EPSON Electronics America (EEA), announced today the company is the first in the world to succeed in the development and mass production of a high precision Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) resonator used in generating high fundamental frequencies dramatically improving on the temperature characteristics of conventional SAW resonators.

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