functional integration

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functional integration,

n in the Feldenkrais method, refers to the application of techniques in a one-on-one lesson in which the instructor may use vocal or tactile instruction or a combination of the two.
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The bolsters include a subtle but functional integral double guard and are mated to the scales with a meticulously machined dovetail joint.
The first volume can serve as a textbook for an introductory graduate course, and covers kinematical and dynamical aspects of classical relativistic field theory, operator methods and functional integral methods for relativistic quantum field theory, non-relativistic quantum mechanics, and quantum field theory at non-zero temperature.
Zajac, A new approach to the theory of functional integral equations of fractional order, J.
O'Regan, Existence and asymptotic stability of solutions of a perturbed fractional functional integral equations with linear modification of the argument, Bull.
Providing a Functional Integral System Design (FIS) including drawings and substantiations in RAMSHE and LCC.
Park et al [32] studied the approximate solutions of the fuzzy functional integral equations.
Jeong, The approximate solutions of fuzzy functional integral equations, Fuzzy Sets and Systems 110 (2000), 79-90.
The prize includes the company's patent protected Power Line Communication (PLC) technology integrated inside as a functional integral part of the product, known as PLC Inside(TM).
There we arrived at a HQS by deconstruction of the functional integral formulation of quantum field theories retaining only those structures which we felt would not be emergent.
4 we show how the ensemble averaging of possible universe behaviour is expressible as a functional integral.
Covered in the 2004 edition are the calculation of linear least squares, the numerical analysis of functional integral and integro-differential equations of Volterra type, sparse grids, complete search in continuous global optimization and constraint satisfaction, and multiscale computational modeling of the heart.
Some areas explored include loop space path integral representations for Euclidean quantum field path integrals, Abelian Wilson loops, fermions on the lattice by means of Mandelstam-Wilson phase factors, string wave equations in Polyakov's path integral framework, a covariant path integral for Nambu-Goto string theory, and domains of bosonic functional integrals.

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