functional foods

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functional foods

foods and food supplements marketed for presumed health benefits, such as vitamin supplements and certain herbs.

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Q. how can models function without eating? whenever I skip lunch I find that I am not feeling well by the afternoon, and according to a magazine I read they basically live on ice(!), diet coke, champaign and cigarettes…

A. Champaign (as all alcoholic drinks) actually contains a significant amount of calories... :-) No one can function with out eating AT ALL, but they do get more used to eating LESS, and their body adjust itself (i.e. uses the food more efficiently) - it's harmful and may damage them in the short and long term, but it's possible.

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In terms of regional consumption patterns, North America was the largest market for functional foods with majority of the demand centered towards the U.
The functional foods and drinks market has emerged as one of the most dynamic segments of the overall food industry, particularly in developed economies.
The market success of functional foods is widely recognized to depend on consumer acceptance of the products as part of their daily diet.
report looked at the consumer use and understanding of functional foods and found that 59% of consumers buy foods with added ingredients that are claimed to boost general well-being or tackle health concerns.
The term became popular in Japan in the 1980s, but functional foods spread across the world as consumers became more aware of health issues and food's nutritional content.
The functional foods market is an area increasingly targeted by food marketers.
With the latest move, Rohto will accelerate its drive to develop proprietary functional foods.
In its report, Improvements Needed in Overseeing the Safety of Dietary Supplements and Functional Foods, GAO says FDA officials recognize these weaknesses but say alack of resources has precluded them from taking actions to correct them.
It explores the emerging and highly-lucrative market for functional foods in the Asia Pacific region, and best-practice strategies from around the world.
Despite the obvious hurdles, most observers expect the market for functional foods to continue to grow.
8% of respondents claimed to be interested in functional foods and drinks in general, with various health claims; this interest was greater among women (47.
Modern food biotechnology is now a billion-dollar industry, producing functional foods and nutraceuticals that offer a whole host of increased health benefits, including prevention against illness and chronic and degenerative conditions.

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