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A lot of money will be made in the functional foods business," Fore says.
The report finds that six out of ten people are willing to use functional foods to help live a more healthful lifestyle.
food market, even minor product differences can translate into market share gains, and functional foods provide corporations with one of their most powerful opportunities for brand differentiation," says Patrick Rea, NBJ's research director and author of the report, who notes that, "the breadth and fragmentation of the opportunity leaves many niches open for innovators in large and small companies alike.
Henry Waxman, D-Los Angeles, applauded Blumenthal's stand against any functional foods promising a nutritional shot in the arm.
In the purest sense, functional foods are simply foods and beverages with biologically active compounds that provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition and may prevent disease, explains Clare Hasler, Ph.
In a sense, functional foods have been around since the 1920s, when iodine was added to salt to prevent goiter.
This Frost & Sullivan research service titled Functional Foods in Asia Pacific: Technology Benchmarking and Stakeholder Analysis offers a comprehensive analysis of functional foods, their research and developmental trends, key market stakeholders, and industrial initiatives, along with other informative data about the functional foods market within the Asia Pacific region.
In terms of regional consumption patterns, North America was the largest market for functional foods with majority of the demand centered towards the U.
Food companies are using functional foods and beverages for differentiation in the highly competitive food market.
I buy functional foods for my kids--but only ones with naturally added ingredients such as eggs with Omega-3.
according to a new report by Functional Foods Japan.
If passed, the act would change the functional foods market significantly.

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