functional capacity evaluation

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func·tion·al ca·pac·i·ty e·val·u·a·tion

(FCE) (fungk'shŭn-ăl kă-pas'i-tē ē-val'yū-ā'shŭn)
A comprehensive evaluation to determine a person's physical functional limitations and capabilities.
Synonym(s): Work-Capacity Evaluation.
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While the FCE is a widely available product utilized by rehabilitation counselors in assisting workers with disabilities in returning to work, research has been mixed about the predictive validity for functional capacity evaluation results, particularly for sustaining work (Reneman, & Dijkstra, 2009).
The criteria establish treatment goals, assess patient progress, and evaluate when alternative interventions, such as functional capacity evaluation, work hardening, work conditioning, or surgery, are appropriately called for.
Editors Genovese (medical director, IMX Medical Management Services) and Galper (physical therapist and exercise physiologist) and 26 co-contributors provide current information and findings, as well as a practical approach to functional capacity evaluations (FCEs).
Injury prevention: functional capacity evaluations (FCEs), work conditioning/hardening, certified ergonomic assessment specialist.
The BTE PrimusRS will be used to provide comprehensive evaluation and rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system, the EvalTech Functional Testing System will give USciences the capability to perform complete technology-assisted Functional Capacity Evaluations, and the MCU Multi-Cervical Unit places the most effective diagnostic and rehabilitation tool available for treating neck injuries in the hands of students and faculty.
The services required will include a triage call system, acute treatment and functional capacity evaluations as well as training for non-specialist referral managers.
Since launching operations in 2007 ECS has been set the gold-standard for Functional Capacity Evaluations - the results of which are used by attorneys, insurance companies and its representatives to determine an injured worker's ability to do their job at any point during, or at the conclusion of, the rehabilitation process.
ECS uses functional job analysis and descriptions (commonly referred to as an FJA and FJD) to perform validated and research-driven pre-work screens (PWS) and functional capacity evaluations (FCE) to determine every candidate's ability to do the job, or return to the job, which results in significantly fewer injury claims and generally gets the injured employee back at work much sooner than other methods.
Organisations are considering Functional Capacity Evaluations to ensure employees are fit enough to start or ready to return to work after an injury with an eye towards productivity.
The clinicians at Castle Rock offer manual therapy, hand therapy, orthopedic and sports medicine, pediatric orthopedics, industrial rehabilitation, functional capacity evaluations, TMD, custom foot orthotics, vestibular and balance training.
He is certified to perform functional capacity evaluations.
A special California Workers' Compensation track will be offered on Thursday, September 22, from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm that will cover topics such as: ways to work within the system; understanding legal issues; and, how to do functional capacity evaluations.

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