functional group

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func·tion (f),

1. The special action or physiologic property of an organ or other part of the body.
2. To perform its special work or office, said of an organ or other part of the body.
3. The general properties of any substance, depending on its chemical character and relation to other substances, according to which it may be grouped (for example, acids, bases, alcohols, esters).
4. A particular reactive grouping in a molecule, for example, a functional group, such as the -OH group of an alcohol.
5. A quality, trait, or fact that is so related to another as to be dependent on and to vary with this other.
6. A mathematic variable or expression.
[L. functio, fr. fungor, pp. functus, to perform]

functional group (funkˑ·shl grōōpˑ),

n an atom or group of atoms of a molecule that is chemically reactive and imparts the chemical characteristics of a molecule. Alkenes, aldehydes, alcohols, carboxylic acids, ketones, and esters are common functional groups.
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ANOVA tests were done to compare the baseline characteristics of the cognitive function groups.
A significant internal restructure saw the creation of a matrix structure of customer facing Product Groups and capability/resource Function Groups.
each database representative is represented by k different keys generated by the k hash function groups.
work objects which are transformed to products--basic mechanical engineering products are machines, function groups, nodal points and components,
Lung function Groups Week 0 Week 8 Exp Con Exp Con (n = 24) (n = 20) (n = 24) (n = 20) FEV1 (l) 2.
The number of function groups in the company will therefore be reduced by nearly 25%.
Together with his wife, Professor Jacqueline Jozefowicz, Marcel discovered that random copolymers containing the basic chemical function groups of heparin in the right proportion, can also exhibit heparin-like properties -- contrary to conventional theory that supposes only highly organized, stereoregular surfaces are capable of molecular recognition.
His change management experience in operating strategy has given him a broad business perspective and abilities to achieve optimal coordination across different business units and function groups," said Sanders.
The system unites monitoring for all relevant function groups by means of a standardized and continuous connection to a control desk, thereby reducing the hardware requirement.
All parameters were found to be similar across all renal function groups, suggesting that renal impairment, a significant issue affecting transplant patients, does not affect the PK of maribavir.