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Automated information kiosks have emerged as a key commercial application for high-quality, full-motion video.
Video support includes capability for high-quality, full-motion video at up to 30 frames per second of CIF resolution using either H.
With the addition of digitized full-motion video, Bell Atlantic's DocuSource system has made a quantum leap toward integrating multi-media document management over Local Area Networks (LANS), Wide Area Networks (WANS) and Metropolitan Area Networks (MANS)," said Jeff Beegle, Bell Atlantic DocuSource manager.
The full-motion video module is priced at about $3,000.
The incorporation of full-motion video for mobile observation applications is a next step in the evolution of the high-tech industry.
When tethered to the PC using a USB connection, the camera uses a CMOS image sensor to capture video images at a maximum rate of 30 fps at 352x288 dpi resolution -- true full-motion video speeds -- for use over the Web, to send to friends, family or business associates, or to playback on a PC.
Ziracom is a revenue producing, privately owned company incorporated in Nevada that develops and licenses leading edge video compression technologies for full-motion video at reduced bandwidths.
The network allows advertisers to reach on-the-go consumers anywhere and everywhere with full-motion video advertisements wrapped around Fox news, sports, and entertaining content.
Amicada has developed a consumer-friendly system that, for the first time, allows the power and immediacy of full-motion video to reach the public at their desktops.