Full Court Press

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A term used by the CDC for an aggressive approach to a potential epidemic, in which all available resources and manpower are sent to a location
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NBA Full Court Press uniquely combines an exciting, realistic game with enough depth to satisfy true basketball fans time and time again.
Hellbender, Monster Truck Madness and NBA Full Court Press are available now for approximately $44.
NOTE: Microsoft, Deadly Tide, Hellbender, Monster Truck Madness, Full Court Press, Windows, Direct3D and SideWinder are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corp.
NBA Full Court Press delivers the striking degree of realism demanded
All 29 NBA teams and rosters are represented in NBA Full Court Press.
NBA Full Court Press combines the best of sophisticated basketball
In addition to Redneck Rampage (released here at CGDC), other recent titles that feature Viewpoint content include: Deadlock (Accolade); Lighthouse (Sierra On-Line); NBA Full Court Press (Microsoft); Tenka (Psygnosis); and Triple Play 97 (EA Sports) (customer list available).
The company will continue its full court press on the permitting activities of its New Mexico properties where existing uranium reserves total nearly 60 million pounds.