Full Court Press

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A term used by the CDC for an aggressive approach to a potential epidemic, in which all available resources and manpower are sent to a location
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Operation Full Court Press shows how this strategy pays great dividends in helping to keep America safe by confronting Drug Trafficking Organizations on their own turf.
I am very encouraged to hear MTMC is putting a full court press on transforming the household goods process to a commercial best practice and best value system.
In the second half the Crusaders took off the full court press and played man defence on the Aztecs which seemed to do the job.
The PDE team has already formed a full court press on Downtown Brooklyn where it is marketing 12,000 s/f at Renaissance Plaza, the nearly one million square foot mixed-used development being built by Muss Development.
Strasburg said they will also be doing "a full court press, on the issue of the deposit of rent in court.
The people of Florida are fortunate that the Governor saw through the full court press of distortions and recognized the clarity and value of the law.