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Fuchs (2016) adopts the terms "stress-timed" and "syllable-timed" throughout the book.
Whether the January-June correction in large-cap CRE deal volume will persist into the second half of the year is unclear, Fuchs said.
Throughout Social Media: A Critical Introduction, Fuchs is scathing of scholars whose analysis of social media doesn't account for the exploitation and commodification of users occurring at the hands of the corporate social media.
Fuchs makes the intriguing observation that 'most of the earliest references to Don Quijote in England come from the theater' (p.
The Knight of the Burning Pestle is one of the few Spanish-inspired plays that has received significant critical attention, but Fuchs takes issue with earlier analyses of the play, exposing "both the rationale for and the metaphorics of the long-term resistance to Cervantean influence on the part of Anglo-American editors and critics" (42).
p 24) While Fuchs does provide a rigorous understanding of the political economy of mainstream social media in capitalism, his approach to alternatives is somewhat lacking, both empirically and theoretically.
In the statement, Don Brett, Batoyle chairman, said: "We are codent that the sale to Fuchs will ensure the value we have built in the business will be maintained and extended by the speciality approach of the Fuchs Group.
Woodcock saw in Fuchs an English style centre forward who could make a mark.
Rather, Fuchs jumps right into the chaotic unfamiliar.
About Tim Fuchs Construction - Tim Fuchs Construction was started in 2006 by Tim Fuchs.
Inheritance of a novel COL8A2 mutation defines a distinct early-onset subtype of fuchs corneal dystrophy.
Crossing Antarctica in a fleet of specially designed motor vehicles, backed up by fuel drops from the air and modern communications, sounds more appealing man the gruelling ordeals that Scott and Shackle[on took on But, as Vivian Fuchs discovered 45 years after Scott's death when he set out to make the first coast-to-coast crossing of Antarctica, the basic problems of exploration on the continent had barely changed