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Denoting progressive oxidation of dye solutions, as in the ripening of hematoxylin solutions to hematein or of methylene blue to azure dyes.


1. Softening, effacement, and dilation before labor. See: Bishop's score; prostaglandin
2. Maturation of a cataract.

cervical ripening

See: cervical ripening


said of meat. See curing.
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Use of Ashe juniper fruit increased once fruit ripening began in December.
Results in the Agriculture segment were adversely affected by historically lower average temperatures at our Hali`imaile plantation that delayed fruit ripening.
In Australia the papaya industry is undeveloped due to high levels of losses in the supermarket system and inconsistency of product flavour and fruit ripening behaviour.
Topics include a review of cell separation and adhesion processes in plants; cell wall structure, biosynthesis and assembly; vascular cell differentiation; cell adhesion, separation and guidance in compatible plant reproduction, cell separation in roots, organ abscission, dehiscence, fruit ripening and the role of polymer cross-linking in intercellular adhesion.
The modified tomatoes suppress the enyzme polygalacturonase (PG) during the fruit ripening process, allowing the tomatoes to retain high-quality pectin when fully ripe.
4]), one of the simplest organic molecules showing biological activity, plays a major role in fruit ripening, seed germination and flowr maturation.