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A term used in the context of intra-abdominal inflammation and regarded as synonymous with the terms hyperplastic hyaline peri-splenitis, peri-colitis, peri-hepatitis. Frosting may be regarded as a nonspecific response of the serosa to any 'slow' (and untreated) chronic inflammation—e.g., that caused by tuberculosis within the abdominal cavity
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Unnoticed, the sun occupied his sky, and the shadows of the tree stems, extraordinarily solid, fell like trenches of purple across the frosted lawn.
Look at my head; it is like a frosted pine, and must soon be laid in the ground.
Reflects the new Veneering crest, in gold and eke in silver, frosted and also thawed, a camel of all work.
Have gummy worm candy crawl out of the mouth of a pumpkin cake, or the top of frosted brownies or a square cake frosted with orange or green icing.
Pour & Frost allows a warm cake just 15 minutes out of the oven to be frosted without tearing