Frost Nip

A decrease in temperature of an acral part—e.g., tip of nose, fingers, tops of ears; the skin acquires an unnatural 'pasty white' colour and loses sensation due to a regional decrease in regional blood flow
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Forden formulated the idea for the specially treated, eco-friendly wraps and pads that allow the user to reduce the pain and swelling from an injury without restricting mobility, and can be used for an extended period of time with no risk of frostbite, frost nip, or nerve conduction issues, and most importantly, effectively helps heal the injury.
The group brave sub-50C temperatures, and the Prince gets frost nip.
Just walking along there's a danger of getting frost nip.
When the body can't maintain or generate enough heat, then the body is at risk for frost nip, frostbite and hypothermia.
A message on their website said: "The team are exhausted, with blisters and little bits of frost nip, but all are in good spirits.
I had a frost nip on my toes and I was really jet-lagged after returning.
Temperatures of -40oC, plus the wind chill factor, led to them suffer frost nip - the beginnings of frostbite - on the way to the 20,320ft summit.
Their food supply of powdered drinks and meal sachets were extremely depleted and several members of the team had various degrees of frost nip and blisters.
I had frost nip on my left hand and I lost a fingernail.
I hope that Jack Frost nips Wayne's wedding tackle nightly.
2 Harvest sweet potatoes as soon as the leaves start to yellow, or wait until all the leaves fall off or frost nips them, but then harvest at once.