Alfred, Austrian neurologist and pharmacologist, 1871-1953. See: Fröhlich dwarfism, Fröhlich syndrome.
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Auto, Motor, Und Sport has reported, citing Klaus Frohlich, BMW's chief of development, 'We're not going to build a super sports car powered by a heavy V8 or V10 engine.
Frohlich said, WORK Microwave is a key technology player and growing company in the global marketplace, with all-time revenue highs in 2015.
Mary Frohlich said it was remarkable "the way Teresa gained her voice, a voice that was very influential in her own time and one that has continued to be influential.
It would be wonderful if we could use tDCS to enhance cognition because then we could potentially use it to treat cognitive impairment in psychiatric illnesses," said Flavio Frohlich, PhD, study senior author and assistant professor of psychiatry, cell biology and physiology, biomedical engineering, and neurology.
In a study published in August 2012, Cliff Frohlich, a UT-Austin seismologist, found that most reliably located earthquakes in the Barnett Shale occur within two miles of one or more injection wells.
com/special-report/2014/05/08/the-best-selling-products-of-all-time-2/2/) Vince Calio, Thomas C Frohlich and Alexander E.
It's inconceivable that the injection wells weren't contributing to these earthquakes," says study coauthor Cliff Frohlich of the University of Texas at Austin.
CONCORD- Elaine (Foster) Frohlich of Concord, formerly of Bedford and Westborough, April 9, 2013.
Dr Fritz Frohlich, the previous chairman of the Supervisory Board, Dr.
Her movement quality suited his works," says Jean-Pierre Frohlich, ballet master at NYCB.
Palestinian Kamal Al-Issawi and German Johannes Weinrich were convicted and jailed for life, but Christa Margot Frohlich was acquitted.
Based on Frohlich and Westbrook's (2001) seminal foundation, they build on the arcs of integration concept, extending it to information technology integration and developing an approach called "angles of integration" to more precisely quantify the direction and extent of integration.