Friendly Fire

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Any unintentional discharge or misdirection of firepower or other weapons of war (e.g., gunfire, dropping of bombs and shelling by long-range weapons) in an armed conflict against combatants of the same side
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Friendly fire, also called "amicide" "fratricide," or "blue on blue," has been a constant problem in warfare since the beginning of recorded time.
LR: I knew that we were all relieved when the news was broadcast that these casualties were victims of friendly fire and not individually disposable casualties of one-way or one-by-one violence.
Transferring our proven capability to protect ground forces from friendly fire is both a natural extension of our historical commitment to IFF and our responsibility to our nation's warfighters.
They include details about the extent of Afghan civilian casualties, a covert special forces unit targeting insurgent leaders, and friendly fire deaths that have plagued the campaign.
Defence Ministry Spokesman Gen Zahir Azeemi said there was no step being taken for investigation into the friendly fire incident.
An MoD spokesman said of L/Cpl Pritchard, of Eastbourne, Sussex: "The possibility that he died as a result of friendly fire is being investigated in Afghanistan but no firm conclusion will be reached until the coroner's inquest.
An investigation of the circumstances of Cpl Budd's death has revealed the possibility of friendly fire, the paper said.
I have a checklist that I follow to make to sure I have everything set as far as the location of the enemy unit, its direction, and the location of my unit, so we can avoid friendly fire or fratricide incidents," he said.
Unfortunately, lung tissue often succumbs to friendly fire from those neutrophils.
Earlier, a soldier killed in a suspected friendly fire incident on Sunday was identified as Kingsman Sean Dawson, from 2nd Battalion, The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment.
ANOTHER British soldier has been killed in a second possible friendly fire incident in Afghanistan this week, the Ministry of Defence said last night.
KABUL (PAN): An ANA patrol was caught in friendly fire by ISAF troops in Pech district in the eastern Kunar province, ISAF said Sunday.