Friend, Charlotte


Charlotte, U.S. microbiologist, 1921–.
Friend disease - mouse leukemia caused by the Friend virus.
Friend leukemia virus - Synonym(s): Friend virus
Friend virus - a strain of the splenic group of mouse leukemia viruses, related to Moloney and Rauscher viruses. Synonym(s): Friend leukemia virus; Swiss mouse leukemia virus
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Tracy said: "He lost his best friend, Charlotte, in the May of 2014.
Her barrister, Anthony O'Donohoe, told the court: "Ice was thrown at the defendant and her friend, Charlotte, who also appears on a well-known television show.
Friend, Charlotte Taylor, said: "Brings it all down to earth when it's someone you know.
She added that being a new mother was a EUR[pounds sterling]daunting thoughtEUR and at the time she EUR[pounds sterling]felt too young to have a babyEUR but she got some help from a famous friend, Charlotte Church.
Her father is reunited with an old friend, Charlotte, and moves in with her and her four daughters on their lovely English property.
Set in Twenties Paris, she is introduced to Fred (Rupert Friend), nicknamed Cheri, who is the 19-year-old son of a friend, Charlotte (Kathy Bates).
She was one of the founders of the city and worked tirelessly for the community,'' said her friend, Charlotte Meyer.
Olivia and her 13year-old friend, Charlotte Thompson, were killed as they dashed across the level crossing to try to catch a train for a day out Christmas shopping.
Donna, from Birtley, was accompanied by her friend, Charlotte Parker, 16, a pupil at Hermitage School, Chester-le-Street, who was riding her 10-year-old pony, Bute.
Her summer will be dedicated to this venture since her very best friend, Charlotte, is away at young executive's camp.
Bridesmaids were best friend, Charlotte Impey, sister, Helen Rotherham and friend, Georgina Lees.
I WILL miss my best friend, Charlotte Bazeley because she is going to a different school.