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Friedrich, German anatomist, 1803-1890. See: Arnold bundle, Arnold canal, Arnold ganglion, Arnold nerve, Arnold tract, foramen of Arnold.



Arnold, Friedrich

Etymology: German anatomist, 1803-1890
an investigator of structures and functions of the brain and nervous system, including the nerve center of the cough reflex.
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The campaign to lay Friedrich to rest was launched by military historian Rob Schafer on Twitter.
These sponsorships, Friedrich said, reflect the importance placed by staff on sports and physical fitness, mirroring Namibia's own emphasis on the field.
For its scope of work at Gwynt y Mor, the Friedrich Ernestine was fitted with the world s largest reverse circulation pile top drill.
As more utilities move to find new demand side resources, this partnership will provide value by incorporating networked devices directly into their load control portfolio," said TJ Wheeler, Director of Product Management at Friedrich.
Friedrich will not be meeting the heads of the US intelligence services.
Judging how successful the campaign has been is difficult to gauge, but Friedrich hopes to produce some tangible numbers by tracking tourists through log books and Google analytics on the town's website.
Members of the German delegation asserted Friedrich Ebert Foundation's willingness to provide the necessary support to Tunisia, through exchanging experiences and devising a co-operation programme in matters of managerial training.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Milososki, received a delegation of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation from Berlin led by the Foundation's Honorary Chairwoman Anke Fuchs on 9 May.
The "taciturn man from the North" is how his contemporaries described Caspar David Friedrich, referring to his melancholy, or in his own words, his "dreadful weariness," especially in later years.
com)-- Friedrich Carpentry Plus, a Manchester-area team of home improvement experts and remodeling contractors, recently announced its collaboration with the online advertising experts at Prospect Genius.
Friedrich, 58, of Worcester, died on July 19, 2010 in Westborough Healtcare Center.
Friedrich is retiring in June after six years in the same post in the Rainier School District, which serves about 940 students - about two-thirds as many as Fern Ridge - in a rural community east of Olympia.