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Parker got a good gembri groove going as Cooper-Moore contributed some bluesy riffs on the three-string fretless banjo as he intoned sort of a song-poem: "I'm not afraid of death - I just don't want to be lookin' at it.
Since he needed detailed sounds from a guitar in order to obtain Turkish melodies, he modified the guitar and invented the fretless guitar.
Outstanding and a major find from Edinburgh's Fretless Records.
With the band in harness (and Martyn was almost upstaged by the virtuoso fretless bass-playing of Alan Thompson) he doffed his cap to the other styles which have influenced him, from the menacing blues-driven I'd Rather Be The Devil through the jazzy Big Muff to the reggae of Johnny Too Bad.
Livingstone is an international performing artist on the sitar and a fretless guitar of his own design.
Alejandro de Valera (France) will join them on stage and play his unique custom-built fretless guitar.
Artist Workshop with Jane's Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins, featuring fretless bass guitarist Tony Franklin (Jimmy Page, Kate Bush) and Grammy-winning upright bass player Rob Wasserman (Lou Reed, Elvis Costello)
He has mastered the glissentar, an eleven-stringed, fretless guitar that enables the skilled player (and any other kind of player cannot really manage this axe at all) to bring western and eastern stringed instrument styles together, using all the conventional scales and then all those microtones beloved of the east.
Percy Jones went on to work with a number of other bands, notably Brand X and Tunnels, and is now regarded as one of the world's leading players of the distinctive fretless bass that is his instrument of choice.
He appears with his band, the Bad Pennies, featuring Kate Bramley on fiddle, Sean Taylor on fretless bass and Andrew May on Northumbrian smallpipes, accordion and piano.
Lowe is well supported throughout by the latest edition of his band, The Bad Pennies, comprising York's Kate Bramley (vocals and fiddle), Andy May (Northumbrian pipes, whistles, accordion) and Sean Taylor on fretless bass.