Fresnel prism

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Fres·nel prism

a prism composed of concentric rings.

Fres·nel prism

(fres-nel' prizm)
A membranous prismatic lens that can be attached temporarily to the spectacle lens of the nondominant eye in diplopia.


Augustin Jean, French physicist, 1788-1827.
Fresnel lens - a lens with a surface consisting of a concentric series of zones that duplicate the power of a lens or prism but with less thickness. Synonym(s): Fresnel prism; lighthouse lens
Fresnel prism - Synonym(s): Fresnel lens
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For individuals with hemianopia or visual neglect, there is limited evidence of the effectiveness of using Fresnel prisms, even with training.
Partial field yoked prisms ground into the patient's spectacle lens prescription, or as Fresnel prisms can be placed on the half of each lens corresponding to the affected hemifield space.
Another prototype containing two Fresnel prisms angled to each other offers a 43-degree expansion.