Freshman 15

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A popular term for a ‘rite of passage’ affecting many American students in the first—freshman—year of college or university in which they live away from home. Food consumption often becomes more erratic and the diet more indiscriminate than is more typical of relatively scheduled and balanced meals of home life with their parents. The number 15 refers to the pounds gained during this period
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Healthy, Sustainable Choices Whether it's trying to avoid the dreaded Freshman 15 or focusing on better diet and lifestyle choices, Gen Z wants fresh, healthy, local and sustainable offerings.
The results of the study suggest that media reporting of the freshman 15 myth may have serious implications and may contribute to the perception of being overweight.
But the threat of the infamous Freshman 15 -- the 15 pounds students are said to gain in their first year of college -- has loomed over many an incoming freshman class.
My freshman 15 was more like the freshman 20," said Carl Daikeler, Chief Executive Officer of Beachbody, LLC.
I needed to lose the Freshman 15 fast, so I opted for a limited-carbohydrate diet.
Outdoor Activity Can Stave off the Dreaded Freshman 15 Research suggests that as many as 70 percent of college students gain a significant amount of weight between the start of college and sophomore year.
Because the list pinpoints the location of some of the nation's most scrumptious sweets, the article comes with a warning label for anyone looking to avoid the notorious freshman 15," said author Gabrielle Kratsas.
Call it ``the Freshman 15,'' a spare tire, beer belly or, if you go to California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, the semi-dreaded and politically incorrect ``Lu-Butt.
author of The Doctor's Complete College Girls' Health Guide: From Sex to Drugs to the Freshman 15.
Perfect for losing that baby weight, the freshman 15 or toning up for the summer, 3-2-1 Get Your Body Back is quick, fun and leaves you energized and ready to take on the world