frequency domain

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fre·quen·cy do·main

the expression of a function by its amplitude and phase at each component frequency, usually as determined by Fourier analysis.
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The Time domain and frequency domain analysis is done onto the series of successive R-R interval values.
HRV is assessed either by time domain or frequency domain analyses which are including power spectral density analysis.
Keywords: Single-Carrier Frequency Domain Equalizer; Inter-Symbol Interference; Doppler Effect; Vehicular Channels
Thus, we can expect that a joint analysis in both the time and the frequency domain may improve the accuracy of the burst suppression segmentation.
In the literature, the decision feedback equalization (DFE) with a hybrid structure (H-DFE) [8,9], where the feedforward (FF) filter is realized in the frequency domain (FD) while the feedback (FB) filter is realized in the time domain (TD), is derived to cancel the ISI with the disadvantages of relatively high design complexity and error-propagation phenomena.
Trimble 4D Control software can support optional Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) calculations to transform a real-time domain signal into a frequency domain representation.
The frequency domain image is one of several images made by transforming the A-scans.
For frequency domain analysis we used parametric and non-parametric Power Spectral Density methods as described in [3].
This paper proposes a novel wideband frequency domain method for measuring time domain response with the nano-second level of equivalent pulse width at long-distance channel.
In OFDM [[1]] it is assumed that original transmit block (vector) X is located in the frequency domain and represents complex amplitudes of N sinusoidal subcarriers.
Comparison of frequency domain indices; Total power (male=4041+-3150ms2 vs.
Capability: Frequency Analysis Software, or FAS, tunes servo control systems in the frequency domain.
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