French Fries

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Drug slang A regional term for crack
Nutrition Chips—UK A fast food consisting of long squared strips of potatoes deep-fired in oil and usually heavily salted. A small—68 gram—order of McDonald’s French fries has 209 calories with 10 grams of fat; a large—176 gram—order has 541 calories and 25 grams of fat; more than half of that fat is saturated
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For French fries processing, tubers were hand peeled and sliced into 12 x 12 mm sizes using a hand operated chipper before being washed, dried and fried at a fixed temperature of 170[degrees]C for 6-8 min.
plant in Penola, South Australia, which produces french fries for the foodservice market; and the acquisition of Griff's retail dinner business from Comgroup Supplies Pty Ltd.
Simplot Company, one of the largest global suppliers of frozen french fries, today announced the launch of a foodservice breakthrough -- the industry's first zero-grams trans fat french fry: the Infinity(TM) Fry.
At least, that's one story about the origin of french fries in the middle of the 18th Century, and the French don't get the credit in this one.
Consumers told us loud and clear that a hamburger and french fries are a perfect pair.
McCain Foods Limited is the largest processor of French fries in the world with manufacturing locations in 11 countries on four continents, including a new plant under construction near Wroclaw, Poland.
Sorensen said commercial producers are showing interest in marketing yellow-fleshed potatoes for french fries, and he's also pleased about preliminary research showing not all potatoes are equal nutritionally.
In fact, in tests conducted by Ruby's Diner, FitFries have been shown to be extremely popular and to have the same taste, aroma and crispiness of traditional French fries.
Tasty Fries(TM) multi-patented machines prepare, cook and dispense French fries with the flavor, aroma and texture of freshly cut French fries.
However, several other factors also may result in great differences between the fat content of french fries.
They're also the only skin-on french fries offered by a major fast-food chain.