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the title given to retired servicemen.
Legionnaire disease - an acute infectious disease characterized by a severe and often fatal pneumonia; first outbreak occurred at a Legionnaire convention in Philadelphia in 1976.
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Which was the first and most famous novel about life in the French Foreign Legion written by P.
They might if they watch Rick's addictive series or read the book which charts the two months he spent cruising from Bordeaux to Marseille, sampling restaurants, visiting food and wine producers and even enjoying the cuisine served up to the French Foreign Legion It all started over a jovial lunch when Rick's long-standing producer David Pritchard drew a rough map of southern France, complete with rudimentary ducks and fish to indicate regional specialities.
The video showed identification papers and a passport bearing the name of Akihiko Saito, 44, a former paratrooper and veteran of the French Foreign Legion, who had been missing since his convoy was ambushed on May 8.
A former Ground Self-Defense Force member, Saito spent 21 years with the French Foreign Legion and saw action in many parts of Africa and the Middle East.
Father-of-two Paul Ormerod, 29, says he will join the French Foreign Legion if that is what it takes to get the skills needed to become a celebrity bodyguard.
Marine Corps, the Brigade of Guards, or the French Foreign Legion.
It will give 12 ordinary men a taste of life in the French Foreign Legion at a desert fort run by ex-Legionnaires in the vast expanse of the Sahara.
She brings us into proximity with two youthful subjects whom she has photographed periodically: Shaw, a teenager newly drafted into the Israeli military (who would later desert); and Olivier, who signed up with the French foreign legion several years ago, as soon as he was old enough to do so.
His heroes were pilots such as Granville Pollock, Jimmy Bach, and Colonel Clifford Harmon, founder of the International League of Aviators -- and above all, "Sweeny of the Legion," the larger-than-life Charles Sweeny, first American colonel of the French Foreign Legion.
This weekend's offerings at UCLA include a pair of French Foreign Legion adventures - ``Morocco'' and ``Beau Geste'' - on Saturday night, while two of his popular westerns are set for Sunday.
Because of this I left Wales to join the French Foreign Legion where I served five and a half years.
THE French Foreign Legion playing in the Premier League is likely to grow again in the summer.