Bedrich, Czech orthopedist, 1890-1972. See: Frejka pillow splint.
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It has decided emails and addresses are probably what it wants to sell, specifically "67 million customer name and physical mailing address files together with any associated transaction data collected by the Debtors within the five (5) year period prior" to its bankruptcy, according to a recommendation by the company's attorney, Elise Frejka.
Despite a general and international trend towards later motherhood, early childbearing remained relatively common in the UK compared to other Western European countries (Chandola, Coleman, and Hiorns, 2002; Frejka and Sardon, 2006) and this remained the case even as teenage motherhood rates in Britain fell over the first decade of the Millennium.
Those who explicitly joined the group included the composers Jaroslav Jezek, Erwin Schulhoff, and Jaroslav Svoboda, the librettist and writer Jiri Maranek and the natural scientist and music journalist Ctibor Blattny, but its meetings were also attended by the poet Vitezslav Nezval, the director and translator Jindrich Honzl, the director and writer Jiri Frejka and others.
For example, Frejka and Sardon (2004:18) state that fertility decline of young women is often misinterpreted as a postponement of childbearing.
Saunders cites a recent study, "Religiousness and Fertility among European Muslims," by demographers Charles Westoff and Tomas Frejka.
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Frejka and Sardon (2004) have recently completed a comprehensive study of cohort fertility in low fertility countries for women who have effectively reached the end of their reproductive life.
Here he met Jiri Frejka, and with him and Jindrich Honzl came to form the "trio of the most audacious" as it was later called.