freeze drying

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freeze drying,

n the freezing of heat-sensitive liquid materials in a vacuum to preserve the characteristics of the substrate and remove the volume of water or liquid by sublimation.
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Contract notice: Supply of freeze-dried food, minimum 520 kcal / pouch.
They will also be forced to be completely self-sufficient, living on only freeze-dried food with no bathroom facilities, sleeping in a cabin smaller than a single bed.
A world of Slooper Goo, space car simulators, suction bowls, freeze-dried food and the Central Intergalactic Agency beckons readers from seven years of age.
She set off from the Novo Russian air force base on Dec, 16, and for 10 days survived on heating her freeze-dried food by melting snow on a small stove inside her wind blasted tent.
Her team said at one point the sweat on the inside of Ms Leijerstam's boots froze and for 10 days she heated her freeze-dried food by melting snow on a small stove inside her wind-blasted tent.
He must carry freeze-dried food weighing the equivalent of 1.
Rowing for two hours on and two hours off, they will live on freeze-dried food, battling severe weather conditions as well as physical challenges.
We will be racing for about three or four days, which means eating freeze-dried food.
It was a fun time filled with cat holes, no showers and freeze-dried food, which was not half bad.
Additionally, he learned freeze-dried food storage products tend to retain flavor and nutritional value and are completely shelf stable.
During the race, which has never been achieved by a lone female, Maria will be living on high-calorie freeze-dried food, chocolate, sweets and energy bars amounting to 6,000 calories a day, four times the recommended dietary allowance.
07pm Time to refuel the body with a fresh bowl of freeze-dried food.