freeze drying

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freeze drying,

n the freezing of heat-sensitive liquid materials in a vacuum to preserve the characteristics of the substrate and remove the volume of water or liquid by sublimation.
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It is perfect to freeze dry food that would otherwise go to waste so that it can be used as a meal in a few weeks or to be eaten in 25 years.
Both processes involve extraction and then concentration, but then the methods diverge: freeze dried uses the freeze dry tunnel and spray dry uses the spray dry tower.
General Mills has even employed a branded ingredient strategy with its recent fruitful offerings, listing the Oregon Freeze Dry name on products containing the freeze-dry leader's fruit.
Complaints have been nearly non-existent during Ashkenazy's 21-year tenure with Oregon Freeze Dry.
The Accelerated Vacuum Freeze Dry System will improve the end quality of the product," says Mickey Lee, national technical manager for Munters' Moisture Control Services.
The In-Home Freeze Dryer by Harvest Right can freeze dry up to 10 pounds, or about two gallons, of food at a time.
Oregon Freeze Dry (OFD), the largest diversified food freeze dryer in the world and makers of Mountain House([R]), the leading brand of freeze-dried backpacking food, announces the promotion of James Merryman to president and chief operating officer (COO).
Merryman is a 36-year veteran of Oregon Freeze Dry and most recently served as the senior vice president of sales and business development, for the food division including overseeing the companies Mountain House brand.
Merryman joined Oregon Freeze Dry in 1975 after studying mechanical engineering at Oregon State University.
NYSE:JEC) announced today that a subsidiary company received a contract from Pfizer to provide preliminary engineering services for Pfizer's Focus Freeze Dry project in Puurs, Belgium.
This project expands the current aseptic production facilities with a new formulation area, additional filling and freeze dry capacity, and required auxiliary operations.
Cell Tech International Incorporated (OTC:EFLI), a manufacturer and marketer of nutritional supplements and functional food products, today announced that it has entered into agreements with Oregon Freeze Dry, Inc.