freeze drying

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freeze drying,

n the freezing of heat-sensitive liquid materials in a vacuum to preserve the characteristics of the substrate and remove the volume of water or liquid by sublimation.
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They basically freeze dry you, hit you with a hammer and you break into dust.
For just this reason, Munters' Moisture Control Services division has developed its Accelerated Vacuum Freeze Dry System, which restores water-damaged materials quickly and effectively.
The company today introduced the In-Home Freeze Dryer by Harvest Right, a unit that can freeze dry vegetables, fruit, meat, and complete meals, producing multiple days' worth of meals in 24 hours in a form that can last for many years without refrigeration.
With changes made to freeze dry technologies, Griffin notes that there is always room for improvement with temperature distribution within shelves.
But the spray dry process, even though it costs substantially less than the freeze dry process, "has improved dramatically.
We are the first company to successfully freeze dry hematopoietic stem cells and demonstrate their ability to grow and differentiate in culture after rehydration," said Dr.
You may have to develop a freeze dryer where historically you never had any of that and now the user wants to freeze dry cytotoxic drugs with some type of barrier isolation along with ability to wash out anything inside.
Scientists have long been trying to freeze dry cells to allow for easier handling, reduced storage costs and better availability.
NYSE:JEC) announced today that a subsidiary company received a contract from Pfizer to provide preliminary engineering services for Pfizer's Focus Freeze Dry project in Puurs, Belgium.
Cell Tech International Incorporated (OTC:EFLI), a manufacturer and marketer of nutritional supplements and functional food products, today announced that it has entered into agreements with Oregon Freeze Dry, Inc.