freeze drying

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freeze drying,

n the freezing of heat-sensitive liquid materials in a vacuum to preserve the characteristics of the substrate and remove the volume of water or liquid by sublimation.
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Freeze dried pineapple, grapes and yogurt drops have replaced Woolsey's kid's favorite candy.
Lot 2 supply of freeze dried chicken rice curry dishes Mini quantity 25 000, max quantities 100 000 over 3 years.
Then it gradually warms the food, drawing all the moisture out of it, sensing when the food is perfectly freeze dried.
Vasquez reported that demand for freeze dried is increasing at a rate of 6 percent per annum while spray dried demand, although still increasing, is at 2 percent.
Traditionally, freeze dried products have been processed in glass vials - with new products being developed we asked our experts if glass was still the preferred container material or if other types of material are being tested and used.
Great for adding to cold or hot cereal, convenient for travel and outdoor activities, and valuable for food storage due to their long shelf life, Freeze Dried Cinnamon Apples are also well-suited for baking applications, adding the great flavor and nutrition of apples to muffins, breads, pancake mixes and more.
At that time, researchers in the Department of Blood Research at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research had already freeze dried the American solvent/detergent-treated product, but that product was no longer in production.
Freeze dried parsley horn Van Drunen Farms is an essential ingredient in almost every savory entree, sauce and side dish.
Although freeze drying blood is still extremely difficult due to the delicate nature of blood cells, blood components, as well as blood mixed with glycerol, have been successfully freeze dried.
Mountain House commissioned Columbia Food Laboratories to test 30 samples of dehydrated and freeze dried meals from Wise Company as well as 30 samples of comparable Mountain House freeze dried meals.
That statement holds true for freeze dried pharmaceuticals as well.