freedom of choice

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freedom of choice,

n a provision in a dental benefits program that permits the insured to choose any licensed dental professional to provide his/her dental care and receive full benefits under the program.
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Consequently, freedom of choice in employment situations should be reflected on all levels of rehabilitation, including those individuals with the most severe disabilities.
Criticisms that savings are a one-time phenomenon, when exacerbated by the loss of ERISA exemptions from government mandates, will cause employers to shift insurance plan ownership to their employees who, in return for greater freedom of choice, will assume any accompanying responsibility.
Doesn't the economy of this region depend to a great extent on making cars and people having the freedom of choice to use them to visit shops and attractions to spend their money?
It would be hard to imagine that he would be willing to accommodate a value system which would exclude at least a minimum of freedom of choice in civil society, for that would constitute what he would regard as an illegitimate exercise of political power.
He said that American farmers wanted full planting flexibility, phased-out government payments and freedom of choice.
Remember Carter's "Moral equivalent of war," in which individual freedom of choice was sacrificed to the Carter-defined common good, like the 55 mph speed limit?
A more difficult case is presented by the application of Kansas for a so-called Freedom of Choice 1915(b)) waiver, submitted to HCFA on March 25.
Ninety-five percent of our customers are women and they support freedom of choice.
On Freedom of Choice (all proceeds to Planned Parenthood) Thurston Moore rides the joke hard enough to prove that "guilty pleasure" is an oxymoron.
Thus, employers maintain cost control at the expense of employees' freedom of choice.
But please remember that when freedom of choice is greatest, we most need policy.
He emerges as a captive who has been given a voice and can shout very loud but has no freedom of choice.

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