Rauscher, Frank J.

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Frank J., U.S. virologist, 1931–.
Rauscher leukemia virus - an RNA retrovirus associated with leukemia in rodents. Synonym(s): Rauscher virus
Rauscher virus - Synonym(s): Rauscher leukemia virus
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Since ADT has been given to people for 30 years, "we can essentially retool an existing drug" to fight cancer, says molecular geneticist Frank J.
Cancer Research, a publication of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), and the most frequently cited oncology journal in the world, has announced the selection of The Wistar Institute researcher Frank J.
If you inhibit [the] process of cell death, you're going to get a tumor, because the cells are not going to stop dividing when they should," says Frank J.