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Morbid fear of anything French
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Vous constaterez, Excellence, combien sont organises les differents elements francophobes du pays, qu'ils ne reculent devant aucune traitrise et qu'ils se font aider dans ce travail nefaste par l'organisation irlando-americaine des knights of Colombus (63).
Bismarck immediately exploited this Francophobe feeling in Madrid to increase pressure on MacMahon.
Dans ce cas-ci, l'usage du nom suppose n'a pas ete suffisant pour transgresser, puisque le manuscrit s'est rendu, avant publication, jusqu a l'eveque, qui l'a juge francophobe et censure sous la recommandation du Ministre de France.
Anxious Francophobes (see: "Freedom Fries") could've saved themselves potential embarrassment by helping to settle this matter years ago.
In 1935 FN released the finalized version on the market as the Pistolet Browning Grande Puissance (for you Francophobes, that means "Browning High Power Pistol") which is often abbreviated to GP, GP-35, Hi-Power or just HP.
Of course, for Francophobes, the film will just serve as a confirmation of their worst suspicions.
Francophobes will conjecture as to the outcome had the boot been on the other foot.
So when France appears to revert to type and adopts a less supportive stance, out trot the Francophobes to remind us of how yellow bellied the nation is.