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Karl E., German physician, 1859-1920. See: Francke needle.
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Francke reports this includes "that their contracts be amended to prohibit the transfer of human fetal tissue, that they provide certification that their waste stream does not contain fetal tissue and that they allow inspections for verification purposes.
Mori only obliquely engages the highly contentious issues in historiography on Pietism, but her in-depth examination of the second wave and its importance to German Pietism's development implicitly challenges traditional historiography, which has often focused too narrowly on the personalities of Spener and Francke and elided the turbulent but extraordinarily instructive period that she presents here.
The new methods originated in Halle, where August Hermann Francke was strengthening a link between literacy and religion established during the Reformation.
5 percent of cases arise spontaneously, says Francke.
It will be a neighbor of such outlet stores as Kinnaird & Francke, Dalyn and Oriental Weavers of America.
I never did find the Houckgeest (one gets used to that in museums), but there were other singular things: a dark, vertical canvas filled to the top with a flower bed lit from the front - an alternative to a still life painted, surprisingly, by the young Renoir; a "Cezanne" portrait of a man, which turned out to be by Picasso; Philipp Otto Runge's obsessional portrait of three sinister children posing in a garden before a white picket fence; and, best of all, a series of religious panels by Meister Francke, which duplicated the close observation and free compositional style of this painter's miniatures on an unexpected scale and to astounding effect.
While at FitzGerald's country house, FitzGerald's nephew Albert Francke recalled overhearing his uncle say, firmly and loudly into the telephone one Sunday afternoon in 1963, "No, Bobby, we can't do that.
Francke abstains from the usual polemical discourse and presents a balanced and realistic perspective on the heterogenous opposition.
The king used the educational techniques perfected by the Halle Pietist leader, August Hermann Francke (1663-1727), to inculcate a feeling of loyalty to crown and state in the military and in the new bureaucracy.
Francke (1870-1930), indeed, followed not only in the footsteps of, but belonged to the same order (the Hermhuter Brudergemeinde) as, the great Jaeschke, one of the founders of modern Tibetology.
After meeting with Captain Jack van Coevorden and spending time with Chief Officer Hans van Biljouw and Chief Engineer Bram Francke, it quickly became clear that there is nothing simple about maintaining a 33,930-ton vessel with 607 passenger staterooms and 14 public rooms that pampers its guests at sea 51 weeks a year.
Chater has been recognized nationally for her professional leadership as a past Trustee and Fellow of the American Pharmacists Association, past recipient of the prestigious APhA Gloria Niemeyer Francke Leadership Mentor Award, as well as the APhA Academy of Pharmacy Practice and Management Administrative Practice Award.