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Karl E., German physician, 1859-1920. See: Francke needle.
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Caption: Franck Gervais is facing charges for allegedly impersonating a decorated military officer during a television interview with CBC during Remembrance Day ceremonies.
People drive from all over to come to this sale," adds Franck.
Asked if there is an offer on the table for the 24-year-old Belgian, he said: "I would obviously like to keep Franck but in terms of being able to make a signifi-cant enough offer, the likelihood is we won't be able to afford him.
This is established early on in his meeting with Franck and leads to an emotional connection that develops between them and leads to a caring friendship.
So Franck enlists the services of hypnotherapist Elizabeth (Rosario Dawson) to dig deep within his subconscious and tease out the location of the stolen canvas.
Title IX wouldn't have happened without a high-profile female athlete like Sears, according to Franck.
Mr Franck said the incident lasted for about two and a half minutes and the rioters grabbed laptops and other valuables from a display at the front which was partially demolished.
Stove scolds with delightful ferocity earlier commentators on Franck and even crosses swords with the long-dead translator of what was once the semi-authoritative Franck biography, by Vincent d'Indy, published in 1906.
Yoann Gourcuff a dementi dimanche avoir connu un conflit avec Franck Ribery pendant la Coupe du monde de football, et a reconnu que les joueurs avaient manque de lucidite en refusant de s'entraEner.
BAYERN MUNICH'S Franck Ribery has been ruled out of Saturday's Champions League final with Inter after the Court of Arbitration for Sport dismissed an appeal against his three-match ban.
Franck, from compounding animal drugs from bulk ingredients without FDA approval.
Summary: The price to prise Franck Ribery away from Bayern Munich has been set at 100 million euros, according to the club.