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Julia (1907–1972). First full-time Washington lobbyist for the American Nurses' Association. As a lobbyist, she was concerned with the improvement of education, working conditions, and economic and professional status in nursing. She also worked to improve Social Security benefits and for the passage of the Medicare program.


Henry, English surgeon, 1820-1904. See: Thompson test.

Thompson, chiropractic technique in which the thrusts are applied primarily to the pelvis to adjust dysfunction. Often the complaints are related to discrepancies in the length of the patient's legs.
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Hines--who is a practicing physician in rural Louisiana-- along with Francis Thompson, spearheaded the legislation ultimately resulted in a $13 million 2007 appropriation to assist rural hospitals implement electronic medical records.
The poet in Francis Thompson is less important than the religious man.
This eHealth program was made possible by funds appropriated in the 2007 Louisiana Legislative session, spearheaded by the Senate President, Don Hines, and Representative Francis Thompson.
Talbot, all of Seattle, for helpful discussions about William Francis Thompson.
Dan Johnson (30th), Francis Thompson (51st) and Trevor Clarke (60th) completed the Velo placings.
He supervised the graduate studies of several notable ichthyologists and fisheries biologists, among them William Francis Thompson (1888-1965) and Carl Levitt Hubbs (1894-1979).
Built in the Victorian age of steam, and designed by railway architect Francis Thompson, the Midland Hotel was originally operated by the Midland Railways company.
was the creative genius of director Francis Thompson and Alexander Hammid.
It made Rugby Velo the top team on the day with Francis Thompson in support in 38th.
Fading slightly at the end David Garrett was eventually sixth (and fourth veteran) but well supported by Matt Roach in 10th third Junior), Phil Roach 11th, Peter Mooney 12th (and first over-50 category rider), local rider Adrian Elson (Cov RC) 13th and Francis Thompson 36th from a field of over 50.