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Jules, Belgian ophthalmologist, 1907-1984. See: central cloudy corneal dystrophy of François.
See also: central cloudy corneal dystrophy of François.
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Nor is 16th-century French history bereft of interest, whether the libertine behaviour of Francis I and Henri II (killed after a lance pierced his armour during a jousting tournament), the psychological torments of Charles IX or the assassination of Henri III by a deranged Dominican friar.
Vera did not make public comments on the selection of the new pope, but a spokesman for the Diocese of Saltillo said the bishop was pleased with the selection of Francis I and his commitment to the poor.
Some suggest that Francis I has the potential to leave the type of legacy left by the two pontiffs who presided over the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s, which resulted in profound changes in the Catholic Church.
When the former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio chose Pope Francis I as his papal name, he also joined a list of 44 popes to choose a name not taken by a previous pontiff.
147) Clement VII may have wished to keep the original in Florence but could not deny the request of the marchese, who would be an important ally of the pope in the struggle between Charles V and Francis I for control of Italy.
The French Renaissance did not simply happen during the reign of Francis I (1515-47), for many of the "new" literary and artistic currents had been present since the fourteenth century.