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Sir Francis, English explorer and anthropologist, 1822-1911.
Galton delta - a more or less well-marked triangle in a fingerprint; in dermatoglyphics, the figure at the base of each finger in the palm.Synonym(s): triradius
Galton law of regression - average parents tend to produce average offspring, but children of extreme parents inherit parental peculiarities to a lesser degree than they appear in the parentsSynonym(s): law of regression of mean
Galton system of classification of fingerprints - a system of classification based on the variations in the patterns of the ridges, which are grouped into arches, loops, and whorls.
Galton whistle - a cylindrical whistle attached to a compressible bulb used to test hearing.
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The lawns and borders were once the walled kitchen garden to Lightwoods Hall, former residence of Sir Francis Galton.
In addition to the above works, the reader also encounters the autobiographies of Robert Dale Owen, Anthony Trollope, Charles Darwin, Sir Walter Besant, Herbert Spencer, Edmund Gosse, and Francis Galton.
The New Street building is an important part of Birmingham's history and it was where in addition to Tolkien, Francis Galton, explorer, anthropologist and eugenicist, Edward Burne-Jones, artist and designer, Enoch Powell, politician and classical scholar, all famous sons of Birmingham, and Field Marshall Slim were also educated.
As expected, Francis Galton holds centre court as founder of the eugenic movement and the creator of the composite photograph to ferret out prototypical types within such categories as race, insanity, and among Jewish people.
I drew analogies with the eugenics movement introduced in the 19th Century by Sir Francis Galton.
This idea was adopted by Francis Galton, Charles Darwin's cousin, who coined the word "eugenics as "the science of improvement of the human germ plasma through better breeding.
99) lists a grand total of 50 with the industrialist Matthew Boulton (1728-1809), chocolate manufacturer and philanthropist George Cadbury (1839-1922), comedian Tony Hancock (1924-1968) among the front rank names, as well as the innovative scientist Sir Francis Galton (1822-1911), the man who devised forensic fingerprinting.
FRANCIS GALTON, for all I know, may never have watched a game of Association Football.
Watt a lot of interesting folk buried in the Midlands Famous names to seek out in the Midlands include: Dudley-born 'Busby Babe' Duncan Edwards -Dudley Cemetery, Stourbridge Road, Dudley William Shakespeare - Holy Trinity Churchyard, Stratford-upon-Avon Edward John Smith, captain of the Titanic - Etruria Methodist Church Cemetery, Stoke-on-Trent James Watt, inventor of the steam engine - St Mary Churchyard, Handsworth, Birmingham John Cadbury - Witton Cemetery, Birmingham Enoch Powell - Warwick Cemetery, Warwick Pat Roach, wrestler and actor - Bromsgrove Cemetery, Bromsgrove Sir Francis Galton, founder of science of eugenics - St Michael and All Angels Churchyard, Claverdon, Warwickshire.
I hope I am wrong in sensing echoes of the Eugenics movement introduced in the 19th century by Sir Francis Galton (a cousin of Darwin, incidentally) and dreadfully misapplied by the Nazis.
Eugenics, the brainchild of Charles Darwin's cousin Francis Galton in the late nineteenth century, was the theory that society should use the reproductive means at its disposal to improve human evolution.