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adjective Referring to a rounded, dark red or occasionally dark green mass or lesion, punctuated by light-coloured dots, which mimic a strawberry (fruit, Euonymus americanus) in colour and/or appearance
Drug slang noun
(1) A regional street term for a depressant
(2) A woman who trades sex for crack or money to buy crack. Also known as a raspberry
ENT noun Strawberry angioma A nasopharyngeal haemangioma may occur in children, causing airway obstruction; rarely, if the blood volume flowing into a haemangioma is large, the arteriovenous shunt may cause cardiac decompensation
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Fragaria virginiana Duchesne; Thick-leaved Wild Strawberry; Roadside fields; Infrequent; C = 2; BSUH 17685.
Researcher Ashman collected plants of the wild strawberry Fragaria virginiana and crossbred them to create 200 offspring plants in hopes of better understanding the inheritance of dysfunction.
b) Included Fragaria orientalis, Geum aleppicum, and Triosteum pinnatifidum.
Fragaria vesca, commonly known as the woodland or alpine strawberry, is a member of the Rosaceae family, which consists of more than 100 genera and 3,000 species.
Verticillium wilt resistance in natural populations of Fragaria chibensis in California.
site 2, Fragaria virginiana had the highest frequency (55%), followed by
Dotted Hawthorn Fragaria virginiana Duchesne * Virginia Strawberry Geum canadense Jacq.
INCI name (proposed): fragaria vesca (strawberry) seeds
Vennat B, Pourrat A, pourrat H, Gross D, Bastide P, Bastide J (1988) Procyanidins from the roots of Fragaria vesca: characterization and pharmacological approach.
A ClustalX-generated sequence analysis showed the occurrence of similar sequences for IPDC in diverse microorganisms and plants like Arabidopsis thaliana, Fragaria anannasa, Pisum sativum, and Zea mays.
The six researchers are evaluating the original two parent species of today's commercial strawberry, Fragaria x ananassa.