skull fracture

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skull frac·ture

a break of the cranium resulting from trauma.

skull fracture

A fracture of the bony skull, either:
(1) Compound skull fracture, in which there may be communication between the brain and the external environment; or
(2) Expressed skull fracture, in which parts of the of brain extrude from the fracture fragments.

skull fracture

Orthopedics A fracture of one or more cranial bones, caused by MVAs, falls, assault, sports, occupational accidents and other forms of blunt trauma Clinical Headache, bleeding from wounds and orifices, loss of consciousness, confusion, seizures, restless, drowsiness, visual defects, slurred speech, N&V, stiff neck. See Fracture.

skull fracture,

n a rupture or break in the cranial bones.
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POLICE have issued a picture of a man they want to speak to after a city centre assault in which the victim was left with a fractured skull and jaw.
The doctors said they suspected a fractured skull and kept him in.
The brutal attack caused two massive splits to Steven's head, leaving him with a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain.
The attack left the youngster with a fractured skull and partially severed an ear.
Connor Beasley: fractured skull, neck and back in fall
He was taken to Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary for treatment to a fractured skull.
The 28-year-old woman was taken to Middlesbrough's James Cook University Hospital with a fractured skull.
Mrs Reevell said the next day Mr Nicolls had a funny turn and on the following day went to Hudderseld Royal Inrmary where he was found to have a four centimetre laceration to the left side of his head and a fractured skull underneath.
There is a suggestion there is bleeding on the brain and he has a fractured skull.
The Leeds Rhinos star, 24, has battled back from a fractured skull and a potentially life-threatening blood clot to play one of the most physically demanding sports there is.
The police added that Ryder was also put into an induced coma suffering from a fractured skull and internal injuries.
Kerry's parents took her to hospital with a head injury that turned out to be a fractured skull.