Marco, 20th-century Italian ophthalmologist. See: Parenti-Fraccaro syndrome, Schmid-Fraccaro syndrome.
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5,197 Bamboula LTD - $4,775 Eaton Farms Production LLC - $8,274 Fraccaro Industries, Inc.
WHEN DAVID FRACCARO preached his first sermon to his first congregation--a small United Church of Christ flock in New Jersey--a man got up halfway through and walked out.
Not all the singers were attuned to such an unconventional reading, including Anna Smirnova, an embarassingly coarse Amneris despite her large volume and dark color, and Walter Fraccaro, a lacklustre Radames.
Di Guardo G, Monticelli C, Leoni G, Calabrese M, Pozzoli E, Porta F, Fraccaro M.
Berks County -- $300,000 to Fraccaro Industries for the acquisition and renovation of a 20,000 square-foot building in Lot 3, Boyertown Industrial Park in Boyertown.
Walter Fraccaro was completely solid and dependable, though not with a great deal of nuance, and Vincenzo La Scola was more lyrical.