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Portrait of a seated fox terrier, an oil on canvas by John Emms.
The runner up was Nicklas & Ingunn Erikson's Saluki Ch Shiraz Califorinia Dreaming was awarded $3,000 and the first runner up Victor Malzoni's Wire Fox Terrier Ch Sanherping Arepa was awarded $2,000.
The great leg spinner Clarrie Grimmett had one regular backyard practice partner, a black and white fox terrier named Joe, trained to lie down by the wicket for the duration of an over then fetch the eight balls on Grimmett's command.
The town's animals know more than the Big Folk: only the loyal fox terrier knows for sure, but Bailey Badger and others--even the local dragon--also know parts.
Registrations of some traditional British dogs, such as the fox terrier, have been dropping as their European cousins become more popular here.
These terriers probably included crosses between the Smooth Fox Terrier, the Manchester Terrier and the now extinct White English Terrier.
Second place went to a one-year-old wire hair fox terrier called Peggy, from Bristol.
THE TOY FOX TERRIER: WIRED FOR ACTION provides a revised edition of the original TOY FOX TERRIER by different authors, and combines the shared experience of all authors into some eighty years of information for both novice owners and veteran breeders.
Before leaving Kansas, Toto is a sweatshirt-wearing wire-haired fox terrier who looks more than a little bit nervous.
Fido resembled a Smooth Fox Terrier but with a nonconforming, rounded head and ears she could whip back around her skull so the tips met or telescope out to the side like wings on a prop plane.