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George R., U.S. surgeon, 1848-1906. See: Fowler position.
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Fowler blew his chance at Blackburn when he refused a short-term, pay-as-you-play deal.
T hat was before Fowler yesterday abruptly announced he was walking away from Cardiff City to join Blackburn, so you can just imagine how much more ferocious the insults have become since.
Fowler was spending time with her 11-year-old daughter one afternoon when they encountered a normal traffic delay on 1-10 in Baton Rouge.
But with his initial Ninian Park contract due to run out this summer, both the Bluebirds and Fowler are pulling out all the stops to help him make a comeback.
With its authentic, Texas-style seasonings, it's the very same recipe that Wick Fowler used to win the first-ever Chili Cook-Off.
Fowler made just six league starts for Liverpool last term, but City boss Dave Jones reckons a drop into the Championship can revive the player and has handed him a two-year contract at Ninian Park.
As a result, Fowler entered into a contract on the building and simultaneously asked Fisher to market the Monroe Street building on his behalf.
Fowler appeared with current Vikings owner Red McCombs at a press conference to announce the deal, quipping about his height and enthusiasm for buying the team but disclosing few important details about the sale.
The IRS argued Turner had enough information (for example, church publications) from Fowler Homes to fund the bequest at an earlier point in time, and therefore, the interest paid was not "actually and necessarily incurred.
It may be somehow not quite right to agree with the entire idea of Hobbs and Fowler (2004) that "human population size is beyond human capacity to list, comprehend, and synthesize" without noticing that the same can be said regarding any observable phenomenon.
The West, whether it be in the figure of Pyle or Fowler, is constructed as male, active, and rational.
To begin the work, Fowler quickly traces the Baptist theology of baptism from 1600 to 1900, noting that early in their history Baptist theologians were comfortable discussing baptism in sacramental terms.