frequency domain

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fre·quen·cy do·main

the expression of a function by its amplitude and phase at each component frequency, usually as determined by Fourier analysis.
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3) the inverse transform of the analysed data in the Fourier domain providing the seismic section containing ground roll energy;
This report includes different types of OCT techniques such as time domain and large-field high-speed polarization sensitive system, Fourier domain or spectral domain and time-encoded frequency domain or swept source, full-field optical coherence and optical delay scanning.
Dr Alexander will give details of how the high quality images produced by Fourier domain OCTs can be used to look at the retina in great detail and in more than one plane.
Holger assumes sparsity in the Discrete Fourier Domain and the observation set is random sampling.
Global Markets and Technologies for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) - Focus on Fourier Domain and Time Encoded utm_campaign=Medical_Imaging
An overview of the global market for optical coherence tomography, including details on system technology segments; this study's focus is on fourier domain and time encoded OCT.
In the Fourier domain the corresponding operator [?
Spectralis[TM] HRA+OCT is a spectral domain system, sometimes called fourier domain, which scans the retina at 40,000 scans per second, creating highly detailed images of the structure of the retina.
The software also easily handles unevenly sampled data with Lomb-Scargle Fourier domain analysis using techniques originally developed by astrophysicists.
RTVue was the first FDA cleared Fourier domain (also known as spectral domain) OCT launched in the United States, and also the first OCT cleared by the U.
More recently, the company introduced the next generation of Fourier Domain (FD) OCT-based product line for ophthalmic applications.