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Leonard S., U.S. chemist, 1903-1969. See: Fosdick-Hansen-Epple test.
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Why, it's a bill of sale, signed by John Fosdick," said the man, "making over to you the girl Lucy and her child.
Program Manager Rachel Fosdick welcomes the funding support.
Though the strip primarily dealt with the exploits of Li'l Abner, Daisy Mae, and the other denizens of Dogpatch, Capp would sometimes take a break from that storyline to tell tales (or in some cases, just a panel or two) of L'il Abner's favorite comic book character, police detective Fearless Fosdick.
Both of these calls to secure white futurity crossed the desk of Raymond Fosdick, head of the War Department's Commission on Training Camp Activities (CTCA).
This volume surveys the theatrical repertory and daily performance roles of female actors during the antebellum and Civil War eras in the south, focusing on the years between 1800 and 1865, theaters in major southern cities, and actresses Eliza Arnold Poe, Adah Isaacs Menken, Charlotte Wrighten Placide, Mary Maury Squires Ludlow, and Martha Matthews Smith, as well as discussing Jane Placide, Frances Denny Drake, Julia Drake Chapman, Caroline Chapman, Julia Drake Fosdick Dean, Julia Dean Hayne, Eliza Riddle Field, Eliza Logan Wood, and Eliza Crisp.
Smith PW, Anderson AO, Christopher GW, Cieslak TJ, Devreede GJ, Fosdick GA, et al.
Henry Emerson Fosdick at Union Theological Seminary in New York.
Mechanical/Plumbing/Electrical Engineer: Fosdick & Hilmer
In early 1919, just months after the end of the war, Raymond Fosdick, chairman of the CTCA, speaking at the annual meeting of the JWB, assessed the wartime achievements of the three partners by asserting, "The fences have disappeared; the sectarian lines have vanished" in work carried on not as "Jewish work or Protestant work or Catholic work," but as "fundamentally an American work .
I am also reminded of the words of Harry Emerson Fosdick, that gadfly liberal Baptist who said, "If that is orthodoxy, please call me a heretic.
Leontine Alkema, a former UW graduate student now at the National University of Singapore; Bailey Fosdick, a former UW graduate student now at Colorado State University; Jennifer Chunn, a former UW graduate student now at Singapore's James Cook University; and Gerhard Heilig and Thomas Buettner, consultants who formerly worked at the U.
The company also appointed John Fosdick as a sales leader for the Los Angeles, Calif.