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1. the process of sharing knowledge.
2. the gaining of knowledge.
health education see health education.
parent education: adolescent in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as assisting parents to understand and help their adolescent children.
parent education: childrearing family in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as assisting parents to understand and promote the physical, psychological, and social growth and development of their toddler, preschool, or school-aged children.
parent education: infant in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as instruction on nurturing and physical care needed during the first year of life.
education (omaha) in the omaha system, programs for the development of special or general abilities.


Vox populi The training of a person or system in performing a task or process. See Appropriate education, Character education, Graduate medical education, Health education, Neuromuscular reeducation, Patient education, Undergraduate education.


Teaching patient, family, community member, staff, and others by planning and implementing learning activities to meet intended outcomes.


nursing teaching patient, family, community members, staff, and others by implementing learning activities to meet intended outcomes.


n the act or process of imparting or acquiring knowledge, skill, or judgment.
education, continuing,
n education that occurs after the completion of a course of study leading to a degree. Usually taken in short (1- to 2-day) courses covering a specific topic or procedure.
education dental,
n the formal education necessary to become qualified to practice dentistry; typically 4 years of full-time study in an accredited school of dentistry.
education of patient,
n effective communication between the dental professional and the patient concerning dentistry and the principles of treatment and prevention. The procedure of increasing the patient's knowledge of the oral cavity and its care to the point where the reasons for proposed dental services are understood.
education, predental,
n the formal education necessary to qualify for placement in a dental curriculum, typically 4 years of full-time study at the baccalaureate level.

Patient discussion about education

Q. Do you want to learn how we got manipulated by some? I noticed an educational video about Asthma. I hope it helps. Listen to eat and read my answer about it. Thank you for your patience.

A. Listen to what the man tells you right at the beginning of this video. "You are not alone... learning to CONTROL the SYMPTOMS of asthma and COPD... therefore more can be done to help you MANAGE YOUR SYMPTOMS and live a fuller life...". Do you hear what they say to you? Do they talk about curing you from Asthma? NO, they tell you to keep your symptoms and to learn to live with it. Are they interested that you get rid of your Asthma? NO, they just want you to keep it that way, but some shity drugs should keep you asthmatic, so that they can earn money with you... Listen exactly to what people tells you. Learn with this simple example the subtle way they pretend to help you, but they are absolutely not interested to cure you! Do you see the problem which is around us with such hypocrites/pretenders? I am grateful for this good bad example. Asthma can be cured, but you should not know about it. Please learn to understand. I thank you for your attention.

Q. Do you want to learn how we got manipulated by some? I noticed an educational video about Asthma here on this site. I hope it helps. Listen to it and read my answer about it. Thank you for your patience. Does it help you to understand?

A. If you find another video or a text and you are not sure about the content, tell me about it and I will study it and present it here to help you understand with the community. In the moment that you start to listen and read between the lines you will got a kick, but a healthy one. We are here to help you and when I can also teach you this way and it helps you, I will do my best.

I am the topic-manager for "bipolar disorder", "depression" and new for "diabetes" too.

Read my answers with two critical eyes, test me, check me, check it out, to become a professional tester and checker in health and other themes. I check always first my doctors before I keep them. But then the distance is for me irrelevant, because such a good doctor is for me very precious!

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If 60,000 dollars of formal education can teach you how to run a business without any experience, but cannot teach you how to open a door, I think I would prefer to stick to trying, failing and learning through experience instead.
The participation in formal education decreased with age (figure 1.
We have established the conceptual basis for including investment in formal education in the output of the economy.
Avril Brown, a teacher at Grange Community Infants School in Swindon, Wiltshire, said, "We feel that children are pushed into formal education that is alien to their needs at such an early age.
As the need for educational opportunities grows in a world where formal education is the key to self-empowerment, the Catholic Church will play an even greater role in promoting education in Africa.
When you choose to pursue professional development--whether through formal education, continuing education, or certification--you find career fulfillment for yourself and you improve the care and outcomes for your patients.
Dr Jones said: "In this country there is a lot of pressure for even quite young children to begin formal education at an early age.
Like many refugees, they are pushing hard to get through Grade 12 not because they're not gifted, but because they literally have not had the opportunity to have that kind of formal education and therefore, have none of that paperwork," she says.
In its simplest form that lifelong learning may be defined as a blend of the formal education of one's youth coupled with a pastiche of self-directed formal or informal educative endeavors thereafter.
Whilst only 4% were in formal education, 17% were involved in non-formal education and nearly one third followed some form of informal learning.
medical schools represented in a 2003 survey, four in 10 do not offer formal education on abortion during the preclinical years, and one-quarter do not offer it to third-year students doing clinical rotations in obstetrics and gynecology.
Formal education and training are essential for preparing allied dental personnel to perform the intraoral expanded functions that are permitted.

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