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Occupational medicine
The shaping of metal by use of local compressive forces.

Veterinary medicine
A gait fault that consists of the banging of a front toe of a horse’s back leg(s) into its front legs whilst galloping.

Vox populi
The falsification of documents, in particular signing the name of another as if it were one’s own.


n working or shaping heated metal.


an abnormality of gait in the horse in which the toe of a hind hoof hits the opposite front hoof while the horse is moving at the trot. Called also clicking or cross-firing.
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The porosity, pitting and impurities that can result from casting can lead to product failure, whereas forgings are dense and pore-free.
Materialtechnological models were constructed for this critical point to describe the forging process in thermophysical terms.
The mechanical forging press of required capacity will be recommended.
TechNavio's report, the Forging Market in India 2014-2018, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts.
To learn more on the metal forging services offered by Michigan Manufacturing International, please contact their offices directly or visit their business website at www.
The company's on site facilities include, 16 hot forging cells, 16 CNC machining, tool making, Die sinking and Tensile/destructive testing.
Victoria Drop Forgings has been under family ownership since its formation and is now looking forward to a new era of growth.
From a technical perspective," Lanzoni added, "it is possible for us to use heavy forgings known as split forging, where two pieces are used instead of one.
Aircraft manufacturer Boeing (NYSE:BA) announced yesterday that it had signed a new five-year contract extension with titanium producer Russian Technologies VSMPO AVISMA Corporation for titanium forgings.
The split leather / raw hides (Wet Blue) and surgical forgings are being exported from Pakistan causing its shortage locally, he said.
Where some customers said, 'We've used gross-shape forgings forever,' it's a matter of convincing them of the benefits of net shape--it can save them money on materials and time.
Forging is manufacturing process where metal is pressed, pounded or squeezed under great pressure into high strength parts known as forgings.