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sweet woodruff

Herbal medicine
A perennial herb that contains citric acid, coumarin, rubichloric acid and tannins; it is diuretic and given as a digestive and hepatic tonic.
Vomiting and vertigo in large doses.


A low-growing, hardy perennial herb (Galium odoratum or Asperula odorata) used in alternative medicine to treat nervousness, insomnia, and cardiac irregularity. Liver damage has been reported in some patients after long-term use.
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Forest Master was possibly Ireland's number one dog this time last year, but he's had plenty of problems in the interim and is a dog that deserves to win a major prize.
Fraser Black, trainer of Forest Master, is responsible for two of the five Irish-trained finalists after sending out Must Be Keano to win the opening semi in 29.
Black, successful with Droopys Marco in 2005, added: "Must Be Keano seems to be improving at a rate of knots, but you've got to credit Forest Master too.
com Scottish Derby Final 1 Cabra Cool (P Buckley, Ire) 2 Drumna Classic (S Mcgarry, Ire) 3 Must Be Keano (F Black, Ire) 4 Forest Master (F Black, Ire) 5 Daleys Buzz (P Hennessy, Ire) 6 Thurlesbeg Joker (w) (B Draper, Unatt) 21.
Barrie Draper's dog found himself in arrears as first Drumna Classic and then Forest Master called the shots, but he flew down the back straight and was challenging at the third bend.
Initially forced to check, he eventually got inside Forest Master and into the lead at the threequarter mark and kept on powerfully to beat that dog by just under two lengths in 29.
Fraser Black, another trainer to be double-handed in a race, landed a one-two in the third quarter-final when Must Be Keano (5-1) got first run to lead home Forest Master by almost two lengths in 28.
They're two top-class greyhounds, but I did favour Forest Master tonight," said Black.

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